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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@botwikidotorg @fourtonfish There have been some strides with Bridgy Fed, especially around following post: a bot on @glitch, that somehow makes two way following easier maybe doable as a micropub client. That be cool

Greg McVerry

Some #IndieWeb Firsts

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I spent my time digging through my archives trying to find my first posts

My first (I think mention) of on Twitter:

( Cant find the meme, but I wanna know how I turned Kevin Marks into a kid on bike shouting"I want my IndieWeb") 

I think this post about reclaiming academic publishing on December 2, 2015 was my first ever to mention

I installed this Known instance on 2015-02-19. I have 14 intances currently running. My first post:

A post on trying to brigde and : 2015-12-19

First time using NoterLive to live blog an academic conference 2015-12-04

First time (of many more)trying to Tom Sawyer the community: 2015-09-17 of course Chris Aldrich was first to reply.

Greg McVerry

A website we made using @glitch @thecubscouts tonight as Wolf Pack (1st graders 5-7) designed community service project: wrote all the copy, did illustration and after playing tag tag revolution learned h and p tags:

Greg McVerry

Thanks @eddiehinkle I am just thinking about all of this as we discuss blogrolls.

Be cool if you publish someone to your follow page, the feed gets added to reader and you cache the h-card somehow.

Greg McVerry

@aaronpk @eddiehinkle could something like the wiki be used as an h-card database for the @ mention idea? Like if someone like @martijnvdven and @dshanske whose twitter handle is different than IRC nick had a u-url to Twitter in the h-card could this be scraped from wiki (or other public h-card phonebook) and if you published to @gwg or @zegnat on your blog it would be syndiated to Twitter using their handles?

Greg McVerry

@fmbutt ahh that make sense, but not sure we want bigtech to be driving the tech agenda. I would rather empower the masses to take control of their identity and the tech.

Greg McVerry

@benedictevans while dominating the consumer market? For norms Galaxy=Android, then you have IOT fridges, washers, etc. Samsung is a gigantic tech conglomerate. $225 billion in revenue, not exactly irrelevant IMO. Just more low key. That's good been to one of their announcements?

Greg McVerry May Have Best Following Reader integration #IndieWeb May Have Best Following Reader integration #IndieWeb

I add the blogs I follow widget.

I then search and find a blog to follow. I click follow.

I then see it on my blog as a follow.

I then see @pauljacobson's post in my reader.

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Greg McVerry

I also think these features will be built into new social readers when you add someone to a following page they are added to your atom/rss/whatever reader and these following pages could then by syndicated to some site that will help to index page.

Greg McVerry

@davewiner Here is my /following page: Basically blogroll, porting to new site but just using old @wordpress links manager plugin , though I do use the experimental following post type with microformats. I actually think webrings could help discovery