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Greg McVerry

Opening My Class Has Damaged my Workflow #ccourses #clmooc #edu106

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In my last edition of the newsletter, Albatross News, I detailed how I was going to open up our private class stream.

I flipped the switch

And I might have ruined my workflow.

In the class students have their own blogs. I use an RSS feed and the class stream to aggregate our work. I would leave comments on both their blog and the private stream.

On a students blog I would interact with content and try (withouth success) to start a wider conversation. On the private stream I would offer critical writing feedback.

Being a writer means being vunerable. I think some feedback is better behind closed doors. I am not comfortable explaining to someone they need to include topic sentences and the letter "I" is capitalized. Many of my students have not developed strong academic blogging or writing skills yet.

Calling them out may hurt my pedagogical goal and may not allow students to see the benefit of learning in the open.

I liked leaving the comments on the private stream, however, so they were semi-public. Many of the mistakes students made fell in predictable patterns. Calling out a few examples of misconception had a waterfall effect on improving the writing of others. 

So I have a few options:

  • I can make the class stream private again.
  • I could leave critical feedback through email.
  • I could just leave it in the open and encouarage a process of revision.

I also need to explore how private notifications work in Known.