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Greg McVerry

Design Research, #TeachtheWeb and #DigPed: Scholarship that Matters

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I consider Mozilla Learning to be the worlds biggest Design Based Research Project. I wish there was a metaphorical equivalent of the Hydra that did not have a negative connotation.

The many heads of make the world a better place every day. This is the story I need to tell when trying to document my open and digital scholarship.

I contribute to mainly becuase I do not want to simply understand the web I want to help build a better web.

I struggle with telling this story. I my mind I am a fly on the wall in a much bigger global effort. Sometimes I cause more trouble than good as I drop snark bombs or push back against developing narratives.

Mozilla iterates in public. They are as open as much as mission and efficiency allow. Every key decision is documented and made in public. The Foundation is a web collective of amazing narratives.

I question if I am making a difference. Then I get sent a Tweet from Udayhaya Telling me my efforts are recognized as empowering learners across the globe.

Udahaya has set up a local coderdojo club with a few other folks in Erode, India.

Getting a tweet from across the globe that recognizes my efforts means more than any letter from a P&T committee ever could. I really thought our stuff, the debates over the Web Literacy Map, and the work developing the curriculum was only felt in our little bubble.

Good luck ClubDojoErode.