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Greg McVerry

Thinking #teachtheweb long game

Had a great club call today. Debated on whether to meet in April. This was the last call of the quarter. I guess that is the private sector equivalent of the end of the semester.

I think people are tired. Rightfully so. As soon as the Web Literacy Map and the Club Curriculum teams finished everyone had to hit the hyperdrive. Content was written by the teams, the design pods threw together wireframes and pages. Dev squads have been doing a lot of stuff I know nothing about. It is amazing the amount of thought and energy that goes into being able to pin a map. Watching people name stuff has been fun too. Naming things is still hard.

Git has been a flurry of activity. Really cool co-learning space to watch. I hope this level of activity translates into the same kind of action on the ground. 1500 events in five hundred cities is a lot (especially when the definition of event and city is still in dispute....numbers like words are always subjective...its that whole naming thing again).

Still it is an honorable and necessary goal and one I am happy to help us reach. For me I'll feel everyone got there when I don't exactly know where there is but everywhere there seems to be.