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Greg McVerry

Exploring Open Pedagogy with @wiobyrne

2 min read

The past few years at LRA @wiobyrne and I have been exploring Open Pedagogy. We started the Alt. Pub study group trying to push open research and publication.

We have developed and pushed a research agenda around open pedagogy.

The two of us have decided its time to get all our ideas together and focus them on a book. 

We are going to try and make the entire writing process transparent. We will read and annotate online with We will interview and post podcasts with thought leaders. We will collect our thoughts on random blogs. Our drafts will be made available somewhere with final versions of each chapter published on our blogs.

Will we shop around the book to publishers? Yes, but only to those who will allow a creative commons book to exist in the wild. After all that is part of the main argument. The community supports itself in the wild.

Not sure of the platform we will use for drafting. May go FOSS but may also use a gDocs with an open document. So there is the first dilemma, but unrelated pedagogy (or is it?) can something be open if it lives on a private platform?