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Greg McVerry

Hiring with no Resume and Cover Level

1 min read

In our recent conversations around credentialing and the workforce. Bryan Mathhers recently brought up how the cover letter and the resume reinforce privledge and do little to show what you can do.

I thought about this in terms of my ideas around presence rather than simply portfolio assessments. I thought I would give it a try...It is also for an undergraduate postion and many may not have a resume or cover letter (nor the skills to write them yet)... so bonus.

This also goes back to an earlier piece by Alan Levine talking about badges and how hard it was to actually find the evidence that was submitted. More often than not the links to evidence are behind secured log-in or point to a 404 page.

I figure I am hiring a storyteller why not give the freedom to tell a story. 

Anyway here is the final call