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This is where I see the need for the cross-pollination on the networks. I could never develop a technical guide or learning materials on WebVR. Yet an educational contributor such as myself could work with the WebVR team to develop materials or even run an openly distributed annual course.

Why does the first bug need to be the place to start? We need to lower barriers of entry if there were a series of remixable basic WebVR projects and tutorials (not documentation) you may cut down on the need for future validation and have a stronger community of contributors.

I feel like the recruitment model in open source has always been off. Its been a "build it and they will come" rather than "let's go teach people how to use hammers."

In terms of attributions that is something we have to stress. Something that must be taught. I find the large majority of plagiarism tdue to being uninformed rather than bad intent.

Working with Chad Sansig over on the Learning team to develop a copyright kit. Maybe for the leadership toolkit we give it a Creative Commons public domains license so it becomes a non-issue.