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Greg McVerry

Republicans, Hate Trump? Blame your Party

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Last night Trump trounced the Republican party. A brand mogul whose bravado lead this bashing Trump will either be the Republican nominee or see the party ingore the will of the people at a brokered convention

I see Trump's rise as a direct result of gerrymandering after the 2010 mid-term elections. Obama was cast as a socialist boogeyman. Republicans ignored the undercurrent of race that fueled the initial Tea Party rise. You would here every pundit state it, "has nothing to do with race but ignoring the constitution." Meanwhile if you walked into any working class white bar you would probably hear some kind of off-color remark about, "The black guy giving away Obama phones to Mexicans." Instead of addressing this sentiment the Republican party doubled down.

The Republican sweep of state houses lead to crazy boundaries being drawn that solidified the hate against the current President. In trying to protect their "10 year majority" Republicans instead invited primary challenges from the angry white man class.

This lead to a seismic shift to the right in the Republican party, the decimation of center-right blue dog democrats, and where folks like John Kasich now look like moderate alternatives.

Trump is the result of the 2012 redistricting.

Yet there is also a strong technology angle to Trump's rise. Trump pwns social media. He is the 4chan of the right wing. In fact Trump and his minoins have successfuly run the first virtual campaign with no boots on the ground. We will look back on this for a long time, as we do the Kennedy and Nixon debates. New media shaping a new future.

It highlights we need to not help build a better Web that is inclusive and available to all voices. His rise has as much to do with Republicans ignoring their flanks as it does with us not protecting the web.

Hate speech needs protection, that is essential to the first ammendment, but that does not mean vitriol should go unchallenged. That does not mean we can not organize our own community or safe spaces online.