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Greg McVerry

Taken Down By the Smallest Bugs

1 min read

flickr photo shared by John Tann under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

I had big plans for these last two days. I was going to catch up on reading and posting to student blogs. More importantly I have blocked out large swaths of time to spend with my family. They deserve a break from 70 hour work weeks as much as me, probably more.

Yet now I find myself utterly useless. I spent 13 hours asleep yesteday. My side burns, my muscles ache, I am always hot, and thinking hurts. Literally.

All because of a bug (well the bacteria floating around its belly).

There is a metaphor here. Being taken down by something smaller than a finger nail. The idea of a "bug" in software. I should be able to connect the dots I just can't.