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Greg McVerry

What Should @Mozilla Work on Next?

1 min read

flickr photo shared by carolinazuarq under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC )

We were asked in an email newsletter, on a GitHub issue, or a Discourse thread (can't remember), "What Mozilla should work on next."

With the sunsetting of Snag-It for Chrome. I realized something. Firefox needs to have a feature like Snag-It for Chrome built in...or Nimbus the screen-capture tool add-on to add the 20 second gif feature that snag-it had.

I will take either one.

In fact I would be willing to make a reoccuring donation for a parity of feauters (too bad their is no more Popcorn to edit the video right in Firefox..hint..hint...make remix in the DNA of future releases). Still automatic back-up to Google Drive, which Nimble does is a must.

I understand why TechSmith abandonded Snag-It. It has to be the mopst widely downloaded tools for Chromebooks. That's some bandwidth. Still I think they missed an opportunity here. They could have tried micro-dontations as a revnue platform.

So that's what Firefox developers shoudl build or the folks behind Nimble (dont really care which).