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Greg McVerry

I am done with thoughts and prayers.

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Don't tell me it's to soon to be political. It's too late.

Don't tell me it's time for thoughts and prayers. It's time for action.

How many more? How many more?

Don't talk to me about mental health issues.

The kind of massive mental health care our nation needs requires

a single payer system.

You won't even mandate insurance. 


Yes these crazed men need  counseling.

What they don't need is access to guns.


I don't want your guns. I am cool with guns.

I want them registered.

I want them harder to buy than Sudafed.

I don't want them shooting 90 shots a seconds.


This is political. This is about mental health. This is about guns.

No more. No Parklands. No  Sandy Hooks, no more Columbines, no 

I am done with thoughts in prayers

At this point inaction is an accessory to murder