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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@anildash working with my coders who require screen-readers. we figured out some possible accessibility hacks for @glitch.

First shortcut keys, readers go element to element, works awful with multiple frames.

Have shortcut to move between file tree, up and down files , editor, and live preview. blank=target for preview tough on readers.

Build an accessible first templates for the websites and apps, meaning let the blind community build for the blind community rather than trying to code first for the visual rules.

Greg McVerry

It's as normal as and as annoying as Day Light Savings time. Twice a year at the change of seasons I get bronchitis. Might as well add order Prednisone taper and Z-Pack to the list with change batteries in fire detector.

Struggling today. Not breathing sucks

Greg McVerry

@bengoldacre Even a quirky website is better than publishing only on a silo. You hvae no idea if Medium will be in business in five years. Use @kevinmarks idea and syndicate to Medium. Happy to help make your blog less quirky. We could even add cool tools.

Greg McVerry

@botwikidotorg @fourtonfish There have been some strides with Bridgy Fed, especially around following post: a bot on @glitch, that somehow makes two way following easier maybe doable as a micropub client. That be cool

Greg McVerry

Some #IndieWeb Firsts

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I spent my time digging through my archives trying to find my first posts

My first (I think mention) of on Twitter:

( Cant find the meme, but I wanna know how I turned Kevin Marks into a kid on bike shouting"I want my IndieWeb") 

I think this post about reclaiming academic publishing on December 2, 2015 was my first ever to mention

I installed this Known instance on 2015-02-19. I have 14 intances currently running. My first post:

A post on trying to brigde and : 2015-12-19

First time using NoterLive to live blog an academic conference 2015-12-04

First time (of many more)trying to Tom Sawyer the community: 2015-09-17 of course Chris Aldrich was first to reply.

Greg McVerry

A website we made using @glitch @thecubscouts tonight as Wolf Pack (1st graders 5-7) designed community service project: wrote all the copy, did illustration and after playing tag tag revolution learned h and p tags:

Greg McVerry

Thanks @eddiehinkle I am just thinking about all of this as we discuss blogrolls.

Be cool if you publish someone to your follow page, the feed gets added to reader and you cache the h-card somehow.

Greg McVerry

@aaronpk @eddiehinkle could something like the wiki be used as an h-card database for the @ mention idea? Like if someone like @martijnvdven and @dshanske whose twitter handle is different than IRC nick had a u-url to Twitter in the h-card could this be scraped from wiki (or other public h-card phonebook) and if you published to @gwg or @zegnat on your blog it would be syndiated to Twitter using their handles?

Greg McVerry

@fmbutt ahh that make sense, but not sure we want bigtech to be driving the tech agenda. I would rather empower the masses to take control of their identity and the tech.

Greg McVerry

@benedictevans while dominating the consumer market? For norms Galaxy=Android, then you have IOT fridges, washers, etc. Samsung is a gigantic tech conglomerate. $225 billion in revenue, not exactly irrelevant IMO. Just more low key. That's good been to one of their announcements?