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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

Call it What it is-- Murder

1 min read

We need to call it murder.

You take donations from the NRA you profit from murder.

You submit NRA membership dues you pay for murder.

We need to make this a battle cry from now until November and encourage our responsible gun owning neighbors to reject the NRA and their complicity in murder.

Greg McVerry

I am done with thoughts and prayers.

1 min read

Don't tell me it's to soon to be political. It's too late.

Don't tell me it's time for thoughts and prayers. It's time for action.

How many more? How many more?

Don't talk to me about mental health issues.

The kind of massive mental health care our nation needs requires

a single payer system.

You won't even mandate insurance. 


Yes these crazed men need  counseling.

What they don't need is access to guns.


I don't want your guns. I am cool with guns.

I want them registered.

I want them harder to buy than Sudafed.

I don't want them shooting 90 shots a seconds.


This is political. This is about mental health. This is about guns.

No more. No Parklands. No  Sandy Hooks, no more Columbines, no 

I am done with thoughts in prayers

At this point inaction is an accessory to murder

Greg McVerry

Such a bad idea. Don't just push bad teachers around. Push them out. New York City and Educators At Odds Over Teaching Programs |

Greg McVerry

Minutes in Seats is a Bad Measure of Attendance for K12 Online Learning

3 min read

 You may not be following the ECOT, Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow, debacle but the largest charter school in Ohio, a K12 online organization, was ordered to payback $60 million dollars for students who paid that did not attend.

The State of Ohio contends that ECOT did not document student learning in a meaningful way to demonstrate students showed up. They may be right. The Online charter sector is the embarrassment of the Charter world. Performance, using standardized scores, is abysmal. 

ECOT is being ordered to pay $60 million dollars for students who enrolled but never showed up. They should reimburse the state for any fraud, but minutes in seats is a bad measure of attendance for a K12 online school.

I know people want the perfect metaphor for the brick and mortar. Forty-five minute periods for six hours a day....But the point of online learning is new metaphors.

The point of online learing is "not" be in attendance. Flexibility of learning and not fixed placement in front of a screen should be the goal.

Robust Online Learning Takes Rigorous Offline Work

In many online classes people gather to share and talk about what they learn while the bulk of the work gets done in the four corners of the text they were assigned. 

When you equate online learning to minutes logged in you banish students to live behind an adaptive testing platforms where they get spoon fed short passages followed by brief multple choice exams. Their teachers have few touch points.

Struggling Readers Using Digital Tools

Equating attendance with minutes logged in also forces kids into e-reading platforms. We know student comprehension takes a hit when students scroll rather than turn pages. Why dictate how students must read?

Having all the features of ebooks may not serve the students who enroll in K12 online charter schools.

What to Do?

  • Have Three Daily Check Ins-K12 Online students should have 2-3 check ins with their "homeroom" teacher to talk about what they worked on.
  • Use Scrumboards-Someone needs to train the remote workforce of the future. This could be the story of K12 online rather than the abysmal failure and fraud filling the papers. Use agile practices such as scrum boards that list, to-do, doing, and done. Powerful analytics and industry practice.
  • Teach Time Management- Steal another industry practice from the tech world and have students use the Pomodoro Method. Here you work in twenty minute spurts. Assuming k12 students spontaneously develop the self-regulatory practices for online learn is crazy talk.
  • Group Projects-Increase the amount of collaborative projects and supply students with platforms that encourage them to work together. Tracking when students meet provides strong metrics.
  • Group Chats and Discussions- Time doesn't equate learning. Knew AI tools emerge that allow for semantic analysis of student discussions and posted threads. We can use these tools to track knowledge gains.

I believe in K12 online learning. For many parents and home school advocates it could provide an  avenue for choice. I also believe k12 online schools can play an essential role in helping to diversify Silicon Valley.

However some motives and measures keep getting in the way. It is time we do right by the students enrolled in these schools. 

Greg McVerry

Where does Self Begin if at all?

So I am back to working on Chapter IV of our book on Open Pedagogy and it is really taking me on a journey into where self, identity and the collective begin.


From Kaku, Gee,  Kant, Hume, and Bhudda really covering it all....and trying to get it done in fewest paragraphs possible.


We are distinguishing from the self and  consciousness from Me(s) and identity work. As Me(s), those we project on the world and get projected back on to us involve activity at a more social level.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Professors Must Learn How to Teach | HuffPost

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we actually begin before the lecture hall. We must teach department chairs how to observe and coach for effective teaching.

Then we focus of the individual areas and strengths of each professor and create a personalized learning plan about teaching.

Greg McVerry

There will be huge growth in early childhood. expansion in suburbs should begin at PreK while those who care about accountability measures in our urban schools should expand down.

In the burbs parents join for the daycare. In the city we know enough to know we must start as early as possible.

A powerful pairing: Pre-K boosts future incomes and reduces risk of jail, especially when schools spend more | Chalkbeat

Greg McVerry

How do we ensure our students of need and PoC get a rewarding online experience. The performance difference is a reason used to stifle online teaching.

I see it as proof to why we must increase online experiences for ALL our students. The jobforce demands experience in blended environments.

Promises and pitfalls of online education | Brookings Institution

Greg McVerry

The AI I Need

1 min read

My desktop is a mess. Bits and scraps of a hundred projects. I want something that guesses where things go based on what I have been doing. Its gotta handle curve balls and quick left turns.