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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@bengoldacre Even a quirky website is better than publishing only on a silo. You hvae no idea if Medium will be in business in five years. Use @kevinmarks idea and syndicate to Medium. Happy to help make your blog less quirky. We could even add cool tools.

Greg McVerry

Some #IndieWeb Firsts

1 min read

I spent my time digging through my archives trying to find my first posts

My first (I think mention) of on Twitter:

( Cant find the meme, but I wanna know how I turned Kevin Marks into a kid on bike shouting"I want my IndieWeb") 

I think this post about reclaiming academic publishing on December 2, 2015 was my first ever to mention

I installed this Known instance on 2015-02-19. I have 14 intances currently running. My first post:

A post on trying to brigde and : 2015-12-19

First time using NoterLive to live blog an academic conference 2015-12-04

First time (of many more)trying to Tom Sawyer the community: 2015-09-17 of course Chris Aldrich was first to reply.

Greg McVerry

@aaronpk @eddiehinkle could something like the wiki be used as an h-card database for the @ mention idea? Like if someone like @martijnvdven and @dshanske whose twitter handle is different than IRC nick had a u-url to Twitter in the h-card could this be scraped from wiki (or other public h-card phonebook) and if you published to @gwg or @zegnat on your blog it would be syndiated to Twitter using their handles?

Greg McVerry May Have Best Following Reader integration #IndieWeb May Have Best Following Reader integration #IndieWeb

I add the blogs I follow widget.

I then search and find a blog to follow. I click follow.

I then see it on my blog as a follow.

I then see @pauljacobson's post in my reader.

In reply to a Tweet byjgmac1106

Greg McVerry

@edtechdev Were you trying to send me the webmention or yourself? Or did you mean first attempt at a POSSE post, a webmention is more I mention and then you get a site.

Also curious how the syndicated link is to your Mastodon post and not blog post.

Greg McVerry

Agenda for Virtual IndieWeb MeetUp on Google+

1 min read

  • Intros-What did you like best about Google+ and do you have a website or blog?
  • What is the IndieWeb
  • Why its Important to Educators
  • My Workflow
    • webmentions
    • social readers
    • Open Pedagogy
  • Three Possible Path
    • Goal: Get started right away
    • Goal: WordPress, Blogger, and Known
    • Goal: DIY and help create building blocks
  • Get Involved
    • Get a Domain of your Own
    • Attend an IndieWeb Event
    • Join up, and help out

15-20 minutes for all this front matter stuff and then we can just hang, talk the web, and help each other out. Links coming soon.

Greg McVerry

I am going to be doing an pop up meet up on Google+ tonight and will be talking as an alternative network. Feel free to join me.

Greg McVerry

IndieWeb Virtual MeetUp: Google+ Diaspora

Leave the Silos and Take control of your Identity

Location: Google+ and Hangouts on Air


Time Zone: America/New_York (GMT -04:00)

Are you tired of big social networks pushing you around or selling yor data?

As Google hearlessley rips your community ways from you it is time to join the .


In this one hour we ill gather share stories about our Own Domains and learn how you can get started on the IndieWeb.

From one pus installs that get you started right away to spinning up your own CMS we have something for everyone.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Pulling the RipCord on WordPress #IndieWeb

2 min read

Gonna spend an hour freeing myself, or what ever is left after this blog post, from WordPress.

If jumping out of an airplane with a parachute ithat may or may not work is considered freedom.


  • Figure out how cache and sidebar.js work.
  • Port my homepage.
  • First up would be the CSS grid.
  • Most of the content is HTML.
  1. The article cards are one of the most liked feature of my students. Always marked has "helpful to exremely helpful" on surveys.
  2. May have to replace by feeds, when site is done I will manually add card. Not hard. Be an easy UI or
  3. Edventually convince folks we need a plugin where you can subscribe to feed and display card. Inoreader may have this feature.
    • The follow page will be easy. Need to add
<code><a class="u-follow-of" href="#">$Title</a> by <a class="h-card" href="">$name</a></code> for blogs with titles and <code><a class="u-follow-of" href="">$name</a> for blogs named for author.</code>


  • Image credits: I wont't be able to reproduce the creative commons overlay plugin John Johnston built me. Long term this needs to be a priority of IndieWeb community. Attribution defends the commons. I like having a page of curated photos. It says something about me and provides h/t to artist who openly share
  • My P&T Binder, each post is on my blog somewhere. I can rebuild that collection.
  • About me is easy. That is just a giant h-card.
  • Migrating post.....scary....there are WordPress import plugins but how the post types used in the post-kind plugin get parsed and then redisplayed.....hopefully just defaults back to note, but this will require testing. scary...gonna wait.
  • Known CSS. I need to make it mine. Especially comments. I want to style those more. Speaking of comments I have no idea how webmentions, would or could migrate. Maybe WP site has to just stay up as archive.