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Greg McVerry

Memphis took down two Confederate statues. State lawmakers are punishing the city for it - CNN

Can we crowdsource the 250,000 memphis lost. No city should be punished for removing a statue of the KKK founder.

Literally the @tnhousegop is punishing the city for not memorializing the KKK.

Think on that

Greg McVerry

Hey is this the most current documentation on LRMI and A11y markup: I am trying to bring my websites into compliance but also think about how I can integrate tools

I also want to keep things as vanilla HTML/CSS as possible to make remixing easy

Greg McVerry

Okay @amazon I know you are jealous that for 50% of the web's new users think @facebook is the internet but that doesn't give you an excuse to name an app the @internet

More proof why we need to support the

Greg McVerry

@petermolnar Does an awesome job of explaining the community.

We were discussing how some of the principles can be too hard for new users to grasp.

I will be using this guide a lot.

Greg McVerry

I want the day where we can just focus on all .

Yet we can't. I use the term digital literacies because people need to recognize the web ad they we read and write and not as a tech issue.

Plus using the word fluency makes little sense when it is considered a subset literacy skill. Reading with speed, accuracy, and emotion is the definition most are used to using.

Equating fluency with transfer doesn't work either.

Greg McVerry

Great quote from @t "but it's not meta-data, it's actual data" Applies to so much more in life than side files versus mark up.

Greg McVerry

Make no mistake China's sorghum Tarrif is a direct shot at Mitch McConnell.

He has always championed hemp production but I wonder if sense of urgency is due to hit agriculture sector is taking.

Greg McVerry

A poem I wrote on the subject a few years back:

So I call shotgun on Secretary of Ed when @spacekatgal makes in to Pennsylvania Ave

Greg McVerry

I need to remember, kick myself actually, make changes to website on GitHub and then push to websites....STOP making quick changes in the cpanel editor Greg.....It's the reason your repos fall so out of sync with your live sites.

Greg McVerry

I am currently running mine through @withknown but I have also tested and run it through my Wordpress site.

I haven't set it up or tested it on Created an account but haven't decided if I am going to use it or stick with what I have.

Not building a web app for that but scoping out one for my teaching workflow.