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Greg McVerry

@flukeout @chadsansing @omnignorant @humphd Had to go long form a little bit, but the thoughts have been chaotic.

After watching people fool around with Thimble for awhile it is a long time before they start asking for help on the code side. They point to the preview side and say, "How do I do this?" or "What went wrong here?"

So I am thinking what if the basic tutorials were more topical rather than sequential? So instead of start at line one and work down, it is organized into "How do I change the picture?" "What if I want to change the color of my name?"

The questions would be scaffolded based on a mix of use case and difficulty.

Just an idea. Going to play with the six word memoir project I am having my kids do.

Greg McVerry

Gene V Glass: Education in Two Worlds: Why I Am No Longer a Measurement Specialist

Greg McVerry

Connected Civics and Learning | DMLcentral

Greg McVerry

I personally do not fear the robo-graders The algorithm of writing -- ScienceDaily

Greg McVerry

@Mozilla Club Bio Sheets I made this from scratch today.

This and this served as inspiration but this is really one of the first things I have coded from storyboard through completion.

I still need to figure out my CSS layout a little better. Especially getting display:block down. I basically used a lot of padding to get things where I wanted them to go.

Greg McVerry

When you hire the vice president for government relations for the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, which advocates for charters to oversee charters, do not be surprised when they fudge numbers to make charters look better.

Greg McVerry

@doomquasar @film_girl @spacekatgat I am the bad speller. Just finished Episode 22. It wasn't so much the fangirl love, just think the watch stuff was starting to make me throw up in my mouth. Simone had me worried that WWWDC show would be nothing but watch but it was great. Critical but not gushing review....and my original critique was your Star Wars desert was dated and not nerdy enough. We are going to see the rise of Ashoka.

Greg McVerry

@erinjo @benwerd A subscribe to update, email notification, or browser extension notification would be great group feature.

Greg McVerry

Calling @twitter Blackberry makes no sense because @twitter doesn't make products that suck.

Greg McVerry

Okay @spackatgal @flim_girl and @doomquasar slightly annoyed by this weeks episode. Which means I enjoyed it that much more.

I am an Mac OSX, iOS, and Android user as I prefer to choose the best software in each category.You need to find a Google or Android fangirl to join the crew to combat the blind allegiance to all things Cupertino. The idea that Google Wallet and now Android Pay are less secure due to fragmentation is unwarranted and the discussion of rooting was a bit simplistic. Root access (harder and less necessary) to achieve does not give someone immediate access to secure wallet transactions. They are unrelated.

Furthermore I agree that Apple is trying to make privacy a differentiator. Google is trying itself to be more transparent as well with "My Account," but I would never pay for iCloud. It is an inferior product in every way.

I work in with schools and even in iOS schools we would never choose iCloud over gDrive (note GAFE data not aggregated..and Google for Work by that matter). iCloud and all of Apple's cloud services going back to MobileMe (iDrive was good) have been awful. I could never recommend them to anyone.

I think the future of the web in terms of getting free products from advertising companies and paying for services from product companies is a very interesting and important debate. One that must also include the Open Web. Apple is still as much a content silo as Google and Facebook.

I am guilty of selling my soul and data to the plex.

The Star Wars talk I liked. Even if you were rehashing old and settled debates. The description of CGI versus live set captured much of the travesty known as the prequels.

There was so much more to talk about with the upcoming new movies (Going to get extra nerdy). For example Disney throwing a thermal detonator on the EU and removing it all from canon. I mean the timeline would have been perfect for the Thrawn Chronicles to have matched up. They should be canon. Even if Zahn wrote Leia as to two dimensional and not as strong as she was those three books were considered gospel until Disney destroyed the legacy.

There is also Ashoka's rise to be a Jedi Master in Rebels Season Two. I agree with Brianna that Star Wars is a sexist universe. There was no "female Yoda" (yes I know about Yedi, so before the haters jump I mean in the greater sense of teacher and leader). Lucas could have addressed this in the prequels but doubled down. Killing Padme because of a "broken heart" is one of the most sexist ways to go.

I assume Vader will kill Ashoka at some point in Rebels but not before she is a true leader. Still have hopes she survives long enough for the movies. Ohh and Darth Maul is still alive. That could be interesting.

Then there is the introduction of Han Solo's possible wife in the Marvel comics. Disney has stated anything new is canon and the comic comes between Empire and Jedi so it makes for an interesting play. I will not judge based on one panel as the artists may make her out to be crazy, but still the idea that Han was married while falling for Leia is interesting. My guess is they remove this from the storyline fairly quickly.

Ohh and Simone. I judge you. We all do. Son loving, even animated children is weird.