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Greg McVerry

IndieWebCamp NYC - Aaron Parecki excited to attend the Friday of

Greg McVerry

I can't make what I want . I was trying to make my syllabus using a navigable javascript slide deck. I tried to make:

It looked fantabulous on my desktop display, but when anyone else opened it it looked like crap. The fixed pixels of elements and text spilled out of the divs.

I tried really hard to fix it but it looks like crap. I should have juts used Google Docs for my syllabus.

Greg McVerry

I have long respected @BRCrandall out reach with under represented voices and his cherishing silenced narratives. More importantly he awakens those once silenced.

I would love a chance to collaborate and think of NWP regional events.

-@wiobyrne, I , and a crew of others used to organize the print2pixel unconference. What about writing unconferences? Not really grant funded just some local begging.

-I am also creating the Youth Zone at our Women's Studies conference this year. Its in April. Thinking of doing some activitites. I would love to co-sponsor the space with CT Writing Project. Even better if you want to bring young women to share their voice.

-I am also the Gear Up coordinator for literacy. I will be running a class for 11th graders every Monday?Wednesday. We will be doing some SAT prep but mainly, writing, and .

-Local affiliates should look to partner and run activities with the in your state. Even better if you can write your involvement into the 2018 calls when they come out. Build the relationships now.

Greg McVerry

New paste • Fedora Project Pastebin This looks pretty cool.

Greg McVerry

@humphd @soapdog @chadsansig @flukeout the final:

Many of my students were using the Three things project for their final but I wanted to create another multipage portfolio option. I kept the pic of East Haddam in there for @chadsansig.

I was watching my students yesterday complete the final and thinking about looking for growth. I think for now I am most interested in how far a deviation it is from the template.

I probably should have moved the menu into the main content div and made it a horizontal table but when working with people marking up pages for the first I have learned to try and keep it simple. My stylesheet is already far too long.

I also could not get the JS to work properly as the menu was meant for a single page website that jumped between divs.

Now it is on to finishing my portfolio so my students have a mentor text.

Greg McVerry

@flukeout @chadsansing @omnignorant @humphd Had to go long form a little bit, but the thoughts have been chaotic.

After watching people fool around with Thimble for awhile it is a long time before they start asking for help on the code side. They point to the preview side and say, "How do I do this?" or "What went wrong here?"

So I am thinking what if the basic tutorials were more topical rather than sequential? So instead of start at line one and work down, it is organized into "How do I change the picture?" "What if I want to change the color of my name?"

The questions would be scaffolded based on a mix of use case and difficulty.

Just an idea. Going to play with the six word memoir project I am having my kids do.

Greg McVerry

Gene V Glass: Education in Two Worlds: Why I Am No Longer a Measurement Specialist

Greg McVerry

Connected Civics and Learning | DMLcentral

Greg McVerry

I personally do not fear the robo-graders The algorithm of writing -- ScienceDaily

Greg McVerry

@Mozilla Club Bio Sheets I made this from scratch today.

This and this served as inspiration but this is really one of the first things I have coded from storyboard through completion.

I still need to figure out my CSS layout a little better. Especially getting display:block down. I basically used a lot of padding to get things where I wanted them to go.