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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

This is what I am exploring.

For academics in our spaces whose , , , , philosophies align with principles would the tools like MicroPub and MicroSub and standards like webmentions not only make tracking the spread of our stuff, but more importantly encouraging the spread and spirit, without recreating another silo. Regardless of how open?

The OER Commons tools look promising and we would need stuff like that for most educators but I was trying to figure out what a DIY approach could look like as well.

Greg McVerry

I wonder if there is an solution to also syndication to SMS messages. I can't serve the populations I work with without thinking about also having a text message service.

Greg McVerry

Interoperability does have a legacy cost but if we put effort into our metadata and standards tools can be built like the oer commons resource builder and Google Docs importer to make easier on everyday people.

We can get there I am commenting on the feed from my own website using tools.

I get to own my data and decide where to share it.

Greg McVerry

Why do we need a platform at all? Ca't we use our own websites, markup, and a variety of tools like rss or tools while connecting everyone together without the need of any centralized repository?

Greg McVerry

Hey is this the most current documentation on LRMI and A11y markup: I am trying to bring my websites into compliance but also think about how I can integrate tools

I also want to keep things as vanilla HTML/CSS as possible to make remixing easy

Greg McVerry

Okay @amazon I know you are jealous that for 50% of the web's new users think @facebook is the internet but that doesn't give you an excuse to name an app the @internet

More proof why we need to support the

Greg McVerry

@petermolnar Does an awesome job of explaining the community.

We were discussing how some of the principles can be too hard for new users to grasp.

I will be using this guide a lot.

Greg McVerry

I need to remember, kick myself actually, make changes to website on GitHub and then push to websites....STOP making quick changes in the cpanel editor Greg.....It's the reason your repos fall so out of sync with your live sites.

Greg McVerry

This looks like an interesting approach I could take to try and finalize the migration of my courses.

But I want to try and do it on my own. I should be able to mark up the html of a learning html and then use the classes to render it differently on my syllabus website and class website.

Greg McVerry

@aaronpk I am helping a functional glass artist collective move to an model.

Currently installed have no website with no e-commerce solution.

Everything runs through Instagram, word of mouth, and PayPal.

I am thinking static web (page builder using whatever credit card PoS they have) and a until Instagram takes away unofficial API.

Think the guillotine will drop soon?