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Greg McVerry

Our #EDU106 #MakerMonday Challenge we made memes to #teachtheweb

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Today we held our second Challenge in . Last Monday we had off. The first challenge (two weeks ago) I collected a bunch of junk from around the school and said make me something.

This week I threw HTML at the class and said make me something. For most of the students they would look behind the curtains of the Web for the first time.

I turned to the classic meme-maker remix from Mozilla Learning Networks. Usually I introduce HTML through x-ray Goggles first but I was excited to play with the new Thimble. I wanted to give the tutorial feature a spin

I find such joy in watching someone markup a page for the first time. For my students they have now played with code (For the purists, yes I called it code. It is empowering. Semantics can come later). They can make something on the web using HTML. They can change the way it looks using CSS. It is awesome!

Anyways here are the cool things we built:

When the professor said Monday's challenge would be so hard we'd wanna throw up after