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Greg McVerry

Doing School an #edchat poem

1 min read

Students should do school

Not have it done to them

And the less dough a district has

The more doing schools do

Let’s make the students our Subject

Not the object of our


Greg McVerry

Choosing Course Delivery #OpenEd #EdChat #HigherEd #Literacies #Edtechchat

2 min read

Over the last few years I have explored a variety of tools for open course development. Asa refresher I design my online learing space with three elements: a hub with materials, an individual site for each learner, and a class stream.

I am debating how I want to present my hubs. I orginally created a Wordpress site with multiple courses.

Last year I tried building a class in HTML/CSS and Javascript using a bootsptrap framework. I could host all of this in my GitHub repo.

I am not sure which method I prefer: Wordpress or a blank HTML page as a canvas.

Over the summer I got back to Wordpress course design. I was hired by a client to develop a learning managament system. I went with Wordpress and the Sensei plug-in from Woocommerce. We added a paid theme Guru and topped it off with a Discourse with SSO integration. We also added Buddypress and BadgeOS for good measure. 

The platform came out great.

Yet I am still drawn to trying to develop class Hubs in the most basic HTML possible (while getting some design love). I imagine a future where other professors openly share their coursework. Where a new teacher  can fork a repo rather start from scratch.

Still the Wordpress page looks prettier (for now).

I think for this semester I will keep with the dual approach. EDU106 will remain a hub in Wordpress and EDU307 will go through a round of iterative development.

Greg McVerry

@googleguacomole I was originally suggesting the Documenting and Assessing Learning in Informal
and Media-Rich Environments as a possible article for but then you made me think when asking what are we assessing...

and that got me was my meaning misconstrued? What does Laura mean...

....then I thought maybe Laura means what she means and that would be fun....

In the article they suggest three level of activity that must be examined for informal or media rich environment

What if as we read we picked some informal space we are involved in (#thoughtvectors, , , etf) and we applied what we were reading to that space.

Greg McVerry