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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@MiaZamoraPhD Think about "read alouds" in elementary school (I still do them in ). Software development uses a similar "think aloud" approach where you ask a user to narrate any decisions or questions they have as they try a new tool.

Greg McVerry

@jessamyn @Jessifer @PinkPolitical Never begrudge a student for taking the path of least resistan ce. It is an important survival technique they need in well taught in a system that has nlong abused and neglected the same students.

Give unlimited bereavement time while staying in contact with the student. You will quickly know how much support they need.

Greg McVerry

I think the policy for my syllabi will be "notification free zone." I would never go device free. Cutting yourself off from knowledge seems silly.

Reducing distractions, smart.

Also privacy especially with iMessage desktop notifications. Seen some embarrassing moments. Luckily none projected yet.

Greg McVerry

The note I sent my #highered class

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In many ways an online class like this is a great way to measure your dispositions. First I don't expect people to know technology but I do expect to see you know what you don't know and show commitment to learning.

I also get insights into time management and punctuality with time stamped posts

I see how you worked well (or did not work at all) with others

I get to see you teach a module and evaluate your feedback delivery (how much you were involved in your module delivering feedback) and your assessment (using the form I will finish sending out)

Many of you share stories of overcoming adversity and life balance

Don't think our dispositions measure should even try to assess this but it does

overall though I often learn more about people here then I do in my face to face classes

I am working home all day today and tomorrow. I have to run and get a lawnmower real quick but after that you can call me on slack anytime if you need a conference or help

somebody asked me how I would define the difference between A-B. First I like to think in terms of proficient and exemplary. Proficent (B) means you met the objectives by completing the weekly assignments in ways that demonstrated growth. Exemplary means you also encouraged your peers to reach the objectives by teaching critiquing, commenting, interacting in ways that utilized the course content.

But if you think you demonstrate exemplary learning in this class and deserve an A for other reasons please make your case. If you have the evidence to support the argument I will agree.

(It is a self graded class)



Greg McVerry

@cathieleblanc one thing I just thought about, and it's related to the GDPR webmetions discussion going on in the chat is one click removal of student data.

I finish up every semester with a "How to Delete Everything Post" Students need to own their data. I am getting scared with the kind of insights is doing with connecting analytics from the LMS to dining hall purchases for example.

So long and short. I would need to know if a student deleted their blog where they made all the comments on others through webmentions by posting on their own blog would the webmentions that show up as a comment on their peers blog delete as well?

Greg McVerry

Wow @siuc hits a new low. Puts out a call for "volunteer adjuncts" offers to pay them zero to do major jobs like dissertation committee work that once belonged to tenure-track faculty.

Greg McVerry

@cathieleblanc stuff is getting really cool. Try the plug-ins on your blog.

Trying out other tools and thinking about all these new readers and what the reader/headless lms would look like. Ton of cool writing and now reading solutions emerging.

No video or videochat solution that I see as viable yet. That will always be key tool in learning, and its harder to say who should own that data the institution or the student(s) maybe best solution is have it just go away (chats not video uploads). Still some awesome audio upload options (iOS only I think).

Also not opposed to using the proprietary tools of institutions (Office 365, Google, Canvas, Blackboard) to build in principles of open learning. For my students saying, "Copy this Google Doc," is way more open than saying, "Fork this repo."

In my head I see all these tiny pieces coming together and I am always thinking about how this can help my students take ownership of what they learn and produce while in .

I also want to make it dead simple for us to remix each other's learning materials. We all teach the same courses let's remix stuff from courses, to modules, to activities. This is where I am trying to learn how other's have used metadata in the past and the balance between too much and overhead cost or making things too technical for every day.

I like the commons resources and builders, but I would also like to just submit my stuff in communities from a space I own. Communities can come and go. What is mine is mine. Until you make it, yours. Just want to make sure we all get the h/t. We need alt.P&T to make this work.

I also think we can seize momentum around and what is happening in social media to push our professional networks into the open. Everyone is suffering from membership woes (USA professional orgs). I think we need to move to a member recruitment rather than member only benefits. Keeping what we do behind a silo is just simply not aligned to the mission of what we do.

Watching at how different networks can be shaped using all of the readers I am seeing folks start to play with in the wild intrigues me.

Greg McVerry

@Spacekatgal This is why I fear the big push around competency based education or saying needs to focus more on employable skills.

Want your kid to be a great coder some day? Start by teaching them children's literature, play chess, weave bracelets.

The patterns of people

Learning to enter data is easy. learning how to draw conclusions from data takes life experiences.

Greg McVerry

@altmetric I am currently thinking about microformats and my online classes. I am trying to encourage peers (since we all teach the same classes) to apply technologies to a philosophy and share and remix our courses.

Trying to be forward thinking about how we could track the metrics of remixes of learning materials using micorformats and webmentions.

Wanted to see if there are protocols @altmettic already uses for marking up courses, modules, lessons. I also could be way off thinking we should have h-entry classes for things like (objective, EQs, task, assessment, criteria, evidence, etc)

Greg McVerry

Listening to @amywebb @jasonhiner and @ltutterentine on @twit predicting the ne t wave of computing.

In the list of ten companies sheparding in AI @mozilla was not mentioned.

MoCo will never have the resources of those mentioned but there are ethical choices people can make now.

We also need to reconnect and the future of the web. Let's make the data and algorithms behind openly developed for a common good.