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Greg McVerry

@petermolnar Does an awesome job of explaining the community.

We were discussing how some of the principles can be too hard for new users to grasp.

I will be using this guide a lot.

Greg McVerry

Link fixed. A lot of copy/pasting trying to the thing. I will truly know I have succeeded when I can keep up with the weekly educational twitter chats

Greg McVerry

I need to remember, kick myself actually, make changes to website on GitHub and then push to websites....STOP making quick changes in the cpanel editor Greg.....It's the reason your repos fall so out of sync with your live sites.

Greg McVerry

@altmetric I am currently thinking about microformats and my online classes. I am trying to encourage peers (since we all teach the same classes) to apply technologies to a philosophy and share and remix our courses.

Trying to be forward thinking about how we could track the metrics of remixes of learning materials using micorformats and webmentions.

Wanted to see if there are protocols @altmettic already uses for marking up courses, modules, lessons. I also could be way off thinking we should have h-entry classes for things like (objective, EQs, task, assessment, criteria, evidence, etc)

Greg McVerry

This looks like an interesting approach I could take to try and finalize the migration of my courses.

But I want to try and do it on my own. I should be able to mark up the html of a learning html and then use the classes to render it differently on my syllabus website and class website.

Greg McVerry

@aaronpk I am helping a functional glass artist collective move to an model.

Currently installed have no website with no e-commerce solution.

Everything runs through Instagram, word of mouth, and PayPal.

I am thinking static web (page builder using whatever credit card PoS they have) and a until Instagram takes away unofficial API.

Think the guillotine will drop soon?

Greg McVerry

Listening to @amywebb @jasonhiner and @ltutterentine on @twit predicting the ne t wave of computing.

In the list of ten companies sheparding in AI @mozilla was not mentioned.

MoCo will never have the resources of those mentioned but there are ethical choices people can make now.

We also need to reconnect and the future of the web. Let's make the data and algorithms behind openly developed for a common good.

Greg McVerry

My original idea for my next project was to set up and a reader for my students... But I need to get my own house in order before building the village.

Greg McVerry

#OER and #indieweb

1 min read

Not sure if anyone else is thinking about how compatible technologies can help and but here is a great California grant opportunity.

Greg McVerry

My Next #indieweb task

2 min read

So I got my blogs (well the ones I use a lot) updated and running smoothly. I was looking for my next project and I have decided I am going to focus on streamlining my course workflow and also utilizing microformats when makring up my courses.

Here's my problem. I try to host all my courses in html/css. It makes remixing and sharing so much easier than locking htem behind a unverisity silo. I then also try and mantain these on GitHub.

Things quickly fall out of sync. My syllabus, my course site, and my repos are never the same.

Here is my solution: Create a system where I can update a course module template and this will immediatley update both my website and my syllabus.

Be really cool if I could do this right from my repo. If not I can just sftp into my sites to update.

I really want to to do this because I am intrigued by altmetrics. A solution like that has been a dream of our study group.

Quick punchlist:

  • Update frameworks. Syllabus uses Skelteon and classes use Bootstrap. Probably make them both Bootstrap,
  • Change all the font awesome icons to 5.0.
  • Figure out when using microformats if there are already conventions used in and learning spaces.
  • Finalize my instructional design for my modules. I am really close but this work will be important for next steps.
  • Figure out best way to serve up the modules in html. Here I am at the edge of my knowledge. Should be fun.