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Greg McVerry

#Questiontheweb Update

2 min read


I hope you enjoyed hacking the news. I fell a little behind this week and did not get to edit the raw video feed down.

Did anyone try the Hack the News activity?

Did anyone try the hack website credibility?

If so I would love feedback.

This Week

We are moving on to think alouds. We will have our hangout on Air and our Twitter chat (though I am usually only person there).

In this weeks make we will experiment with making bias think alouds. I am most excited about this and also the most anxious. I have to develop the videos and the think alouds.

This is really the first major iteration in the design experiment I need to play with. What video works best? Can the avatar just speak as it plays? Are inline rather than auto-play avatars better?

Are the avatars even needed? Previous research would suggest no. That is why you will just be learning how to use Snag-It for Chrome and Genius for bias think alouds.

I shoudl have tutorials up mid-week.

Joining us when we Go Live

If you plan on using any or some of these activities with K-12 students let me know ASAP. I need to get final numbers and find out if you will have students operate in the open and share online or if students will be private. 

If you want to assess your students using my measures I have to get permissions out to you.

Thanks all,


Greg McVerry

#TeachtheWeb HacktheNews Live Reflection

2 min read

This is my collection of posts that were supposed to go out as a Live Tweet Chat last night. I was accidently replying to my own post so nothing was syndicated to Twitter.

I will be spending today taking the screenshots and the video and parsing them down into something that is more useful than my stream on incoherent thoughts.

Okay huge PITA. I was trying to cut/paste between two posts on withknown and this happened. I will just start over today because that seems easier than trying to clean up this mess.

Sorry folks.

Here is the link to the YouTube Show:

Here is link to the curriculum:

Tip for Mozilla Web Club Curriculum, write an article at end of Kraken. Use article in Hacking the News.

So to switch a picture: change link in the between quotes: (I don't know how to display code without it rendering) But you will img followed by src="change the url here. You can copy and paste an image url by right clicking and choosing>copy image url"

I am now switching out the image by adding in a YouTube clip. : watch live:

Activate x-ray goggles and click on the any area where you see a color overlay:   

Then switch the headline: 

For the picture just change the url in between -src="link to picture" for Youtube clip delete everything between:  including tags.

Add a hyperlink back to Kraken story:

Just realized are all these cons emoticons, favicon, etc just fancy flat clip art?

Then you can change the text and style text: 

Make sure to use openly licensed images:

Teach students to switch AND provide attribution to images: 

Here is the finished version: 




Greg McVerry

Need to figure out a better semantic way to write, "Mozilla Web Club Web Literacy Curriculum." Any ideas.

Update: Michell e Thorne suggests: web literacy curriculum for Mozilla Clubs.

Click on the comments below for the live tweets of what I did.

Greg McVerry

#Questiontheweb Update

1 min read

Hello ,

Due to a change in schedule the third show will be scheduled with Dr. Ian O'Byrne  @wiobyrne tomorrow.

We will be discussin how remix culture empowers students. I will host the Twitter Chat tonight. I will be live tweeting as I complete the two activities.

The first activity: Hack the news introduces X-Ray Goggles. The second activity will have us hack a website for credibility.


As I live Tweet I will also screencast so folks can watch along as I hack the websites. You will then hack your own website for credibility. Share your make on your blog and on Twitter with the hashtag

Greg McVerry

Annotate the web

1 min read

I learn so much being part of co-learning in spaces like . The act of teaching is the act of learning.


This week we are focusing how you can annotate the web for critical evaluation. Dr Julie Coiro pointed out you can not separate argumentation and credibility. 
As a reminder though if you have not added your blog or rss url please use this form.Say hello on Twitter using the hashtag

This week we worked together as a community to create a codebook for annotation. You goal is to complete these tasks and write about it

Happy Pi Day to all,


Greg McVerry

To all those who joined us on the to thank you. h/t @EduQuinn for hosting us tonight

Greg McVerry

@GoogleGuacamole or @EduQuinn who is going to get the Prize?

Greg McVerry

@EduQuinn Reminds of my talk on socially complex texts

Greg McVerry

Share out your first annotation and tag it questiontheweb to earn a prize.

Greg McVerry

Ohh don't forget to tag your annotations with questiontheweb.