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Greg McVerry

I have long respected @BRCrandall out reach with under represented voices and his cherishing silenced narratives. More importantly he awakens those once silenced.

I would love a chance to collaborate and think of NWP regional events.

-@wiobyrne, I , and a crew of others used to organize the print2pixel unconference. What about writing unconferences? Not really grant funded just some local begging.

-I am also creating the Youth Zone at our Women's Studies conference this year. Its in April. Thinking of doing some activitites. I would love to co-sponsor the space with CT Writing Project. Even better if you want to bring young women to share their voice.

-I am also the Gear Up coordinator for literacy. I will be running a class for 11th graders every Monday?Wednesday. We will be doing some SAT prep but mainly, writing, and .

-Local affiliates should look to partner and run activities with the in your state. Even better if you can write your involvement into the 2018 calls when they come out. Build the relationships now.

Greg McVerry

The #walkmyworld Twitter Archive

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Here is a link to the archive using @mhawksey TAGS 

Greg McVerry

So I made this today. It was really my first time doing anything significant with Java Script. Lucked out when @sunnydeveloper shared a template.

I was at that very moment searching for easy CSS slidedecks. I wanted to make a multimodal poem. Kind of reflecting on time and the quality of writing. Sometimes ideas burst and other times they retreat. I was just thinking about time not always being an indicator of quality when we are talking about writing.

I also wanted to share the poem because I am not at . My exploration into the open web really began as I tried to bend the oldest genre in the world with the newest technologies that emerged.

I am also looking for a remix machine. Many of us still mourn the loss of tools like Zeega and Popcorn but maybe we are the remix machine. I need to learn positioning in terms of CSS/HTML. Making cool art and poems would be a fun way to learn. Maybe a community of those who want to play with images and words ....oh wait.

That's . We do play with images and words. has its roots in NCTE. Sue Ringler-Pet and Ian O'Byrne and I began to explore poet-laureates through technology. Our first session was in 2008. We focused on poetry for two reasons: back then if you fore fronted technology people avoided your session; a b:) poetry allowed us to create non-sensical esoteric titles that helps with session approval.

So maybe that is what I will do with this year. Just keep playing.

Greg McVerry

Curating the #walkmyworld denouement for crowdsource #rhizo15 analysis

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These are the one's I found in the database. If yours is missing let me know and I will add it.

Learning Event #10...Denouement via @annemariel82

— Anne Marie Lanning (@annemariel82) March 24, 2015

Greg McVerry

I figured out what I was doing wrong with the font sizes on my denouement.

Greg McVerry

Attempting to Remix Academic Writing #dmlcommons #walkmyworld #teachtheweb

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I steal from Alan Levine quite often.

I am most prod of hauling away a backstage blog from an open course he co-facilitated as part of . Then yesterday during folks started asking me about the role of having a back stage blog.

So I wanted to show an example.

Once again stole from cogdog. He posted a final report from . I loved the work, even if it is a horrible slideshow article aka BleacherReport. What I loved the most, Alan's work was 95% derivative and 100% original. He told a story using the words of others.

As the final event for we had to curate our work. This was my example and this is the story of how it came to be and what I need to do as i revise

The Pre-Writing

Over the last year I have been trying to teach myself (translation: bug people smarter than me and Google a lot) CSS. I knew I wanted to try the single page website and play with sections. I also wanted the content to be a remix. So I started by pre-planning. I always start planning on paper. I am old school like that.

I then drafted my first attempt. I used Thimble. I am addicted to thimble.This was my draft.

The Revision

My first attempt is awful. I collected all my makes but my design leads to cognitive dissonance rather than aiding in comprehension. So I started to plan my revisions.

The design changes:

  • I need to match the colors section so they make sense. This is an important cue to the reader
  • I need to match the font sizes and be logical about my header levels
  • I forgot to nest some content inside a div within the section. I used an inline display and something like a table thingy to center content.

The content changes:

  • The content is a little jarring. Needs more logical sense
  • Walkmyworld was about identity. Yet I focused on synthesis.Explain this
  • I need to add a theoretical definitions of synthesis

Greg McVerry

Planning my backstage post #dmlcommons #walkmyworld

Trying to reflect on my first attempt at creating a transgenre remix of scholarly import.

This is me planning the follow up and areas of improvement in

Greg McVerry

Live Show Now: Using @mhawksey's TAG and Storify for #walkmyworld

1 min read

Click Here for Directions


Search for your tweets:


Choose A Tweet

  • Navigate to a Tweet you want in your curation
    • Ask is this a product I want to share?
    • Think: What does this say about me
  • Click on the Time Stamo
  • Navigate to the Tweet on Twitter


Add the Tweet to Storify

  • Copy the Url
  • Navigate to Storify
  • Click on the Link Icon
  • Paste in the Link
  • Click on the Search Icon
  • Drag Tweet into Story


Greg McVerry

Research Opportunity: Identities & Teaching. #teacheredchat #ntchat #teacherprep #walkmyworld

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Dear Student,
Do you plan to be a teacher? Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (lgbtqi)? Are you interested in talking more about how your sexual orientation and your professional life may intersect? As a former lesbian teacher, the wife of a lesbian high school teacher, and a professor who works with future teachers, I have lived the decision of coming our or not coming out in schools from a few different perspectives.
If you are in a teacher preparation program and you identify as lgbtqi, I would like to invite you to participate in a research study entitled, “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Teachers' Decisions Around Disclosure of their Sexual Identity.” I would like to know more about how other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer teachers talk about (or not) their sexual orientation in their professional lives. More importantly, I would like to share that information with future teachers who identify as lgbtqi.  
If you are willing to participate, I will ask you to attend a focus group to talk about your experiences, to read about lesbian and gay teachers’ experiences, and to comment on those experiences. The focus group will last approximately one hour, and you will not be compensated for your time. Your participation will have no bearing on any course grades. If you choose to participate, you will have the chance to talk to other future teachers who are lgbtqi and to learn from the stories of gay and lesbian teachers who are already in the classroom.
If you are willing to participate, please either email me at or call me at 203-392-7298. Feel free to email me from your SCSU email address or from a personal email address.
Thanks for considering,
Dr. Bower-Phipps

Greg McVerry

@googleguacomole I was originally suggesting the Documenting and Assessing Learning in Informal
and Media-Rich Environments as a possible article for but then you made me think when asking what are we assessing...

and that got me was my meaning misconstrued? What does Laura mean...

....then I thought maybe Laura means what she means and that would be fun....

In the article they suggest three level of activity that must be examined for informal or media rich environment

What if as we read we picked some informal space we are involved in (#thoughtvectors, , , etf) and we applied what we were reading to that space.