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Greg McVerry

@cathieleblanc stuff is getting really cool. Try the plug-ins on your blog.

Trying out other tools and thinking about all these new readers and what the reader/headless lms would look like. Ton of cool writing and now reading solutions emerging.

No video or videochat solution that I see as viable yet. That will always be key tool in learning, and its harder to say who should own that data the institution or the student(s) maybe best solution is have it just go away (chats not video uploads). Still some awesome audio upload options (iOS only I think).

Also not opposed to using the proprietary tools of institutions (Office 365, Google, Canvas, Blackboard) to build in principles of open learning. For my students saying, "Copy this Google Doc," is way more open than saying, "Fork this repo."

In my head I see all these tiny pieces coming together and I am always thinking about how this can help my students take ownership of what they learn and produce while in .

I also want to make it dead simple for us to remix each other's learning materials. We all teach the same courses let's remix stuff from courses, to modules, to activities. This is where I am trying to learn how other's have used metadata in the past and the balance between too much and overhead cost or making things too technical for every day.

I like the commons resources and builders, but I would also like to just submit my stuff in communities from a space I own. Communities can come and go. What is mine is mine. Until you make it, yours. Just want to make sure we all get the h/t. We need alt.P&T to make this work.

I also think we can seize momentum around and what is happening in social media to push our professional networks into the open. Everyone is suffering from membership woes (USA professional orgs). I think we need to move to a member recruitment rather than member only benefits. Keeping what we do behind a silo is just simply not aligned to the mission of what we do.

Watching at how different networks can be shaped using all of the readers I am seeing folks start to play with in the wild intrigues me.