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Greg McVerry

I don't mean a new blogging platform. I mean I barely want to touch my blog. I don't want to update 27 plug-ins a child theme, etc to keep up with .

I want a five page website. This includes one page for posts and one page for status updates. Probably APIs flexible enough to design what ever configuration of Post-Kinds I want. I know I can't self-dogfood this yet, but I fell like I see all the piece already existing in the wild to make this a reality.

Somebody in another channel said, "adding metadata to single resources will never work as a discovery mechanism. Nobody cares enough to be able to do it at scale."

I don't think needs to run at scale. It's about control not disruption.That's the point of

Then maybe some day, just like physical music media outselling digital downloads for the first time this year, we can look back and say, "We did it."

I could see selling to niche communities. It will be a mix of small businesses, co-ops, campus organizations. A yearly MicroPub/MicroSub subscription (I know MRR is addictive but stop bleeding me monthly).

Tons of themes with the proper markup included. Zip files of html sites, a stylesheet, and possibly a script or two. Tiny. (Trained) Human readable. Not WordPressy. These can still be open source but a push button approach sold to public. Can use set your price. Could be a co-op membership investing back into platform.

Look how much money there is in bootstrap themes. Hundreds of millions annually. Almost everyone in the chatroom has enough skills to build an html theme once the subscription MicroPub and MicroSub servers become readily available.

Community orgs and non-profits and others can create networks through MicroSub readers and intentionally build for diversity and inclusion through adherence to principles and code of conduct.

That's the point of . It's all possible if you seize control.