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Greg McVerry

Pulling the RipCord on WordPress #IndieWeb

2 min read

Gonna spend an hour freeing myself, or what ever is left after this blog post, from WordPress.

If jumping out of an airplane with a parachute ithat may or may not work is considered freedom.


  • Figure out how cache and sidebar.js work.
  • Port my homepage.
  • First up would be the CSS grid.
  • Most of the content is HTML.
  1. The article cards are one of the most liked feature of my students. Always marked has "helpful to exremely helpful" on surveys.
  2. May have to replace by feeds, when site is done I will manually add card. Not hard. Be an easy UI or
  3. Edventually convince folks we need a plugin where you can subscribe to feed and display card. Inoreader may have this feature.
    • The follow page will be easy. Need to add
<code><a class="u-follow-of" href="#">$Title</a> by <a class="h-card" href="">$name</a></code> for blogs with titles and <code><a class="u-follow-of" href="">$name</a> for blogs named for author.</code>


  • Image credits: I wont't be able to reproduce the creative commons overlay plugin John Johnston built me. Long term this needs to be a priority of IndieWeb community. Attribution defends the commons. I like having a page of curated photos. It says something about me and provides h/t to artist who openly share
  • My P&T Binder, each post is on my blog somewhere. I can rebuild that collection.
  • About me is easy. That is just a giant h-card.
  • Migrating post.....scary....there are WordPress import plugins but how the post types used in the post-kind plugin get parsed and then redisplayed.....hopefully just defaults back to note, but this will require testing. scary...gonna wait.
  • Known CSS. I need to make it mine. Especially comments. I want to style those more. Speaking of comments I have no idea how webmentions, would or could migrate. Maybe WP site has to just stay up as archive.