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Greg McVerry

Shifting #literacies in Elementary School Writing

2 min read

As I watch my children grow I am amazed at how the web has shifted the way we learn. Yet I am dismayed at how slow our schools have failed to respond.

Technology is not a technology issue but a issue.

My second child, Ben, needed to do research for his podcast "Dog Days

How did he read?

pic of Ben using a reader

I had to leave for work so Ben used an accessibility plugin for Google Chrome to have the website read to him.

How did he write?

On paper. I helped him organize the show into two ideas. He wants bumpers for each section but I explained that is a little much before Dad goes to work.

<h2>How did he Search</h2>

Voice commands are the interface of my children. They don't rely on touch but on voice. Ben knows how to say, "Ok Google how do I spell..."

How did he record?

Ben uses quicktime audio recording a Blue Rhino mic for recording. He wanted to spliuce together two attempts using GarageBand...but again too much for me to teach before school.

DogZone is Ben's site. He learned the inline styling and how to change the CSS to add opacity so people can see my "really cool warefall picture."

This is the type of reading and writing we need to in elementary school. HTML is the new Concepts of the Web. Multimodal authorship provides pathways to meaning for those not always motivated to read and write in print.