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Greg McVerry

My @IndieWebCamp Nuremberg Hacks

1 min read

I may not get to demo remotely at Nurember with family coming over. I wanted to share what I worked on this weekend.

After recording with @eddie I went back tro find my first post turns out I wanted to use the principles to move academica more into the open.

So my projects this weekend revolve around this effort. I started a GitHub repo for a paper Jack Jaimeson and i are writing.

I also redid the theorrtical section of a grant application I also added an xml file for an rss feeds and wrote a template file for articles.

In each of these efforts I continue to try and build all the peices for an  Acadamia. I want to return to the   LMS., and specifically webmention badges, but some deadlines made this pretty much a content first project weekend.

I still need to finish up the grant proposal tonight and the paper over the next few days.