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Greg McVerry

Some thoughts on following #IndieWeb

2 min read

A wonderful chat (starts here and ends here) about following occured last night that made me think about how I would like to connect and display the people I follow as I work on my follow page

Huge h/t to Eddie for capturing it on the wiki.

Tantek noted that a focus on following people and not feeds provided social media silos an early up on the blogosphere. The feed debates about RSS and ATOM  forgot that people and not markup makeup the web.

Theoretical but Possible Today Workflow

I have a follow page. It has two sections an h-feed of following posts, and then different collections which could be grouped by a tag or by channels in my reader.

I am in my reader. I am reading a cool post. I hit the plus sign to add someone. A follow post is then published to my site by the micropub client and the person's feed added to the reader (will need logic not make me choose).

If the person I follow has tags or categories in their feeds that match channel names in my reader these channel names could be buttons that pop up when I hit the plus button.

A mini h-card for the person is then added to my follow page. Include their name, photo, and link at mininumum. If they have a tagline or description in a p-note add that as well. Make this field editable.

Little Bit More Theoretical 

Back on my site  or through some third party service if the person has an h-card and rel="me" links to social networks those names are added to a nickname cache. From then on if I type their name or url and syndicate the proper nickname and mention will work.

Then we can think about displaying options and differences between two way follow, one way follow, friend of friend etc. 

Automation and bots could then be used as feeds are parsed overtime to recommend other people or recommend specific feeds for channels.