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Greg McVerry

My Attempt at Representing #IndieWeb in an Image.

My Attempt at Representing #IndieWeb in an Image.
  1. Janice logs into her phone with her url  using a tool called IndieAuth

  2. Janice publishes a post in her social reader

  3. A standard called micropub posts Janice’s Pic to her website

  4. A standard called microsub displays Janice’s post In Isabel’s reader

  5. Isabel posts a reply. 

  6. micropub publishes the on Isabel’s website

  7. A w3c Standard called webmentions publishes Isabel post as a comment on Janice’s website. Isabel also uses webmentions o syndicate to Social media

  8. Isabel’s reply shows up Janine’s social reader again because of microsub and the circle is complete

If I was giving a talk I would not include the text. I would walk people through each step. A real designer woul;d have done better.

The community always looking for designers who have personal goals aligned with ours who may want to add open source projects to their portfolios. 

(please note when including this much textual information in an image you should also display that text in text form for people using screen readers. Don't stick all that info in alt-text).


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