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Greg McVerry

How to Archive Your WordPress Blog Part One: Archiving

2 min read

This is the first in a two-post series on archiving a WordPress blog. In this post I cover setting up a subdomain and moving your WordPress site. In the second post I describe how to write redirect to point to the archive.

Goodbye WordPress

As I say goodbye to WordPress the migration of old posts to a new site seemed daunting. Until I realized the task did not need completion.

I have so many blogs. Like I might just spin one up called Tuesday thoughts to share traditional Tuesday like thoughts. This has always worked for me. Why couldn't it continue?

Then I saw how Kevin Marks often just throws in links from his old blog...Then it dawned on me. My websites live on the web I don't need to migrate everything.

How to Archive your WordPress Site

Set up a subdomain. I use Reclaim Hosting as my shared host and Cpanel makes the easy.

Add a let's encrypt certificate, again CPanel makes this easy

 Clone your website. In cPanel choose "MyApps" and find your WordPress site and choose the clone icon:

On the next screen choose your new subdomain. Make sure to choose the https version.

I then added a redirect plugin. I am not sure this is necessary as I copied the database and all the links should work

Now go and delete your old website and push your new website to your blog!!

You did it, you have archived your WP site.


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