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Greg McVerry

Brief Lesson Plan for #Pack22 Wolf Scouts Tonight

1 min read

Wolves just finished a unit in school on adding coins so I figured we would work on the coin advancement tonight.

First we will go over the parts of a coin and do a coin rub.

Then we are going to play a game of tic tac toe where scouts add and subtract coins but the US coin pictures will be replaced with alien emojis.

The first person in a pair to answer correctly gets to put a coin in a tic tac toe board.

 The groups will be given a strip of alien emojis as their "coins". They will have to create a number system not based on ten and assign values to their coins. Finally, each group will write a funny word problem for the other groups to solve.

Of course, I always reserve the right to make this into some kind of relay race, call a coin move X steps...or something... if the kids get squirrely, but it's wet and doubt I will call the audible.