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Greg McVerry

How to Create the Best Blog Posts in Open Source Communites

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Press Publish. Done.

The best blog post is a published blog post. Period. Putting yourself out there as a blogger in your  open source community helps everyone.

Blogging Skills

Features of a successful blog post

  • Have a point, keep it organized, supported through the use of hyperlinks and multimedia materials (video, sound, images)
  • A clear, unified voice appropriate for intended community. Current contributors? Future contributors the public?
  • A title that links clearly to the content of the post
  • Use headers to keep it organized
  • Define key terms
  • Avoid jargon
  • Avoid idioms and dated pop cultural references for international audiences

 Features of a successful blog

  • Short, concise posts that use multimedia materials (video, images) to make a point
  • Effective use of hyperlinks to support ideas, to direct readers to relevant, interesting posts, and to strengthen open source network
  • A clear, unified voice that continues to grow and develop over time

Qualities of a skilled blogger

 Ability to publish. 95% of required skills

 The other fiver percent.

  •  Ability to quickly synthesize and articulate ideas
  • An awareness of a wide range of blogging techniques and of how these various techniques reach different target audiences effectively or ineffectively
  • Reading with mouse in hand: Engaging with (online and offline) materials as potential material for blogposts
  • Willingness to serve as an intelligent filter for a wide public audience
  • Engagement with the wider open soource community, including reply posts and webmentions

Modified from on successful blogposts, successful blogs, and skilled bloggers by Jacob McWilliams


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