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Greg McVerry

No Need for Complicated #OpenPedagogy Metadata to Track Student Growth, Go #IndieWeb

No Need for Complicated #OpenPedagogy Metadata to Track Student Growth, Go #IndieWeb

I use with my students to introduce them to the web and but this year I added an amazing feature that makes tracing knowledge growth and keep track of progress super easy.

I do not need some expensive data analytics platform or have to use tools in some LMS every student hates.

Instead, I use HTML.  You may have heard of it before.

Specifically, I added webmentions this year. All of my students had to connect their with I then taught them to look at HTML and add in this class "u-in-reply-to."

Those four words and hyphens create a network across all my students. I do not have to figure out webhooks or APIs or worry about single sign on across so many overpriced platforms. We just use HTML.

So now instead of posting native comments on each other's blogs students send reply posts to each other. When they complete a reading they send a reply to the module page.

In the image above you see a record of a student who has completed a reading assignment. They did not need to upload it or share it on a discussion board. Instead, they simply publish a post and semantic HTML, specifically, microformats does the work.

I post the links below for my audience using screen readers or anyone interested in seeing how webmentions could track learning.


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