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Greg McVerry

How to Add an h-card to Blogger #IndieWeb

2 min read

If you want to connect your Blogger account to other  sites you have to do two things:

What is an h-card?

The modern social web, free of corporate silos slurping up data and attacking our privacy, relies on sites to display a calling card for other websites to find. This h-card tells the world this site is my home and on other website your h-card links back to the palace you build your self on Blogger.

Why an h-card?

These little tools only require a few lines of HTML. Unlike other tools to capture metadata about users the h-card is always human readable.

When your website includes an h-card and you add optional rel=me properties you are also verifying that you are the owner of that specific account. You can then use this feature to login to IndieWeb sites that use the IndieAuth protocol and support IndieLogin (a ton of words to say you log into websites using your url).

How to add h-card to Blogger

go to layout

When you go to Blogger, login and then select layout. You will then click add gadget and select the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Then you go to the microformats wiki and copy and paste the h-card example. 

Then you edit the h-card with your details.

The final optional step is to add links to other places you live online and include a rel="me"



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