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Greg McVerry

How to Add Webmentions to Blogger

2 min read

If you want to connect your Blogger account to other  sites you have to do two things:

What are webmentions?

Webmention, unlike the Google+ comments that you will soon lose, are a a w3c spec (the W3c are the group that oversee web standards) that allow sites to talk to each other.

I can post a reply on my website to a post someone else makes and it will display as a comment. I can also pull in comments from social media back to my website.

Why webmentions?

Did you build your entire PLN on Google+ and rely on their closed APIs for comments? What will you do in April when the house of cards come crashing down? Building your web presence on open standards rather than the whims of search engine giants who suddenly decide fixing a security bug is too much trouble makes sure you stay in control.

How to add webmentions?

First go to Bridgy. Click on Blogger and authenticate. If you are like me and have many different blogs select the one you want.

Then you will copy the line of code and click on the link to open your blog editor to the layout page. Select edit html and put the link inside the tag called "head".

That is it! You have no completed all the steps to IndieWeb your Blogger account.


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