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Greg McVerry

Help Save @MozDevNet, Protect the Open web, Stop the MDN going to React!

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MDN is going to React???? The day you can't hit "View Soucre" and see human readable data on Mozilla web documents will be the day the Manifesto truly becomes meaningless

I'm not angry really sad. MDN is supposed to be the model of web standards.

Mozilla employees are like frameworks they come and go but HTML is forever. Choosing a framework because a team knows it is wrong, short sighted, and destined to fail.

You need to be hit "view source" and read not see a much of scripts. Greg McVerry. I know folks say well MDN code will be available in the repo. In my browser window when I hit view source, if the mission is equity and access....sayign "here's the repo" is not the same. Mozilla teachers throguh source code not frontend frameworks

As a contributor to MoFo and MoCo I have seen this story play out and always looked to MoCo and MDN with the commitment to HTML first as a north star

MoFo would be all about the latest and greatest framework trying this and that making resources harder and harder to remix (they very essence of what being open means) while MoCo always held firm. Always stayed committed to an open human readable web.

I worry those days are over

Look at MoFos track record of developing software and platforms literally every single one is gone and failed. Look at anything Mozilla has done in HTML. It is still there. Forever

Every existing product built on REACT is a MoFo project and almost every single one is marked for sunsetting and deletion.....

We have enough data to know this is a failed path. Like every time we tried.

Go read the top reason for choosing React:

> David has 18 months experience with it; Schalk was already learning it.

Choosing to abandon the open web because one person on staff knows it is a bad idea. Employees will not last longer than HTML.

> Web components will eventually be the standard component system for the web,

NO! Web components ARE a standard and an OPEN standard. They only survive in the face of corporate greed when Mozilla stands up.

> The MDN has ambitious goals for 2019 that we can't share.

When did Mozilla lose its attitude to open? This shift to React and away from  open reflects an organisational turn at Mozilla and can feel like a growing  isdain for Mozillians who want to contribute. We are just seeing another example of Mozilla turning our back on the Manifesto.

I mean @davidflanagan MUTED HIS OWN THREAD basically saying we don't care what the community thinks. We are Mozilla we make software FOR open source contributors but we no longer have any desire TO BUILD with open source contributors.

I know the team feels JQuery and javascript present limited choices fro complicated UI (so use less), and I won't hype web components more than they are. , I struggle with front end design as well battle every, but I made a promise to the open web. Mozilla should do the same.

We need to work together but r to make it better using open standards in a web first way, will always support MDN...but just hope I can still click "view source" and not see gobbily gook


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