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Greg McVerry

@withknown plugins I would like to see

2 min read Micropub

Currently I can syndicate  to using rss  but these posts are in my stream not published natively to my site.

HTML Notes

I love the auto url and hashtags in the status plugin but sometimes I need HTML

Plus many micropub clients do not work with Known and publish HTML in plain text. 

Gimme a plain box where I can add HTML.keepinf tbge status plugin. 


These are an html way to annotate websites. 

Meme maker

This one is easy enough and one ai am going to try and build at @IndieWebCamp Austin. Basically take the photo plugin and add a container, throw an H1 and H2 on top

Badge Builder

I have been playing with webmention badges a ton. Maybe add a plugin  

Follow Post Type

I currently have a manual until it hurts approach to follow post. Be nice if this is native though maybe it's my social reader that needs a Micropub client to publish follow post. 

Photo Gallery

This may already exist been publishing multi photo posts for awhile.. What makes a gallery? Key question.

Group Post

Known has great privacy controls but still be nice to share a post with specific urls or only members of a web ring. 

Web Ring

Create and manage webrings people joi. By signing up with their own Domain. 



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