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Greg McVerry

Explaining the success of emerging technologies by innovation system functioning: the case of biomass digestion in Germany

(Freeman 1987, 1): ‘…Innovation Systems are networks of institutions, public or private, whose activities and interactions initiate, import, modify, and diffuse new technologies.’

The TIS is defined by Carlsson and Stanckiewicz (1991, 94) as: ‘a network or networks of agents interacting in a specific technology area under a particular institutional infrastructure to generate, diffuse, and utilise technology’.

  • Function 1: Entrepreneurial activities-sounds a little free market bias to me, could be creative activites
  • Function 2: Knowledge development (learning)-liking this concept of agentive apprenticeships
  • Function 3: Knowledge diffusion through networks-liking Affinity Spaces
  • Function 4: Guidance of the search-If you read the description this is mroe shared values
  • Function 5: Market formation
  • Function 6: Resource mobilisation
  • Function 7: Advocacy coalition (creation of legitimacy/counteract resistance of change)


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