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Greg McVerry

My Post to the #XMCA ExTENDED Mind, Culture, and Acitivity List Serv

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Hello everyone,
As many of you know I am an active member of an open source community .
We have used a model to represent the software gaol called generations:
We want to rethink the model, for background discussion see:t
Basically what happened is the model lead to classifying people rather than snapshots of time and software develoipment.
So we want a new conceptual model:

  • Recognize the bidirectional (multi??) relationship between the software, the community, the learner.
  • We stress first way to change the world is to change your self (get a website)
  • We want to account some people want to increase their skills and learn more complicated tech
  • Others may have all the skills but not want to be bothered
  • We also do not address the economic role social media plays..using their capital to ensure dominance..not sure we need to

This will be a long term project as we try to reconceptualize our tiny effort to save the web from corporate power.
I am reading up a bit on "systems innovations" from those who take ecological views of socio human technical systems 
(traditional information processing seems to be be where the generations thinking first came into manufacturing research...though used differently as idea generation or hardware generation)
But we want to come at this from multiple perspcetives. Already using Activity Theory but its' too broad. Basically want to rethink that into our context.
Anyone know of examples or fields we should check out?
(btw if you ever want a self organized learning space to study IndieWeb community is fascinating)…


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