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Greg McVerry

@cogdog For me it wasn't the tech stack that moved me from WordPress but the entire government process behind the roll out.

Though as many know I am not a fan of React and other JS on JS frameworks. You don't just drop a new framework on developers using php for decades.

As Doug Belshaw notes it's not the responsibility of a company to make sure open source contributors stay current with programming languages.

That's the thing. I don't want to Open Source for a company. I want to Open Source for us.

I choose what Open Source projects I use and then get involved giving back. Matt has made clear WordPress uses a benevolent dictator for life model and the business interest of Automattic matter more than WordPress open source users.

He and not the community will make the decisions about Gutenberg.

Every feature will be about the bottom line not better blogging.

Tge second reason I left WordPress was the technical debt. Got so sick of all customer support saying, "turn off all plugins and turn them on one by one until you find problem..."

I realize my first issue is designed to help the second but after 8 years of contributing to Mozilla with little community control I decided to not get involved in open source projects with bosses and boards.

I want user and contributor governance.


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