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Greg McVerry

The joys of @scsu unhelp desk....Look at the chat log of the supposedly 24/7/365 available chat..this is ridiculous...I just want to check email

2 min read

reset password

07:51 AM

You are now chatting with Breana M

07:51 AM

How may I help you with your Technical Support issue?

07:51 AM

Breana I am off campus and need to update my password

07:52 AM

In order to better assist you, please provide me with your name, phone number,student id , and email address.

07:52 AM

Dr McVerry, 203-982-8182, mcverryj1

07:53 AM

may I have your first and last name ?

07:55 AM

John McVerry

07:55 AM

bare with me one moment

07:56 AM

okay just let me know what to do to get a password change, I need to check my email and calendar

08:01 AM

what password are you trying to reset? To which account ?

08:03 AM

are you there ?

08:05 AM


08:08 AM


08:08 AM

which account are you trying to login too ?

08:09 AM must have been the 60 day change password day, I need help resetting my password, we have SSO, not multiple accounts,

08:10 AM

I need a temp password, I am off campus,

08:11 AM

yes, so that is your email you are trying to get logged into ?

08:12 AM

yes, our single sign on uses our email as our password

08:13 AM

can you help me? we are going in circles

08:13 AM

I mean uses email address as our user name, I need to rest the password

08:13 AM

No sir. I am asking what specific website associated with the school are you trying to login too ? I need to know so I can specifically work in that area

08:17 AM

The Advisor has ended the chat. If you still need help, please close this chat and select the Chat option again.

08:19 AM


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