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Greg McVerry Disagree with the technical hurdles, you are talking about creating a community trying to liberate the control of standards and protocols. Knowing the difference between JSON-LD, and RDFa, and xAPI...

This work will require technical skills far beyond my level. Asking people to blog isn't too much.

Creating the community to build alternatives to the tools IMS members provide will take all different kinds of people and skills.

Thanks for noticing my growth. I want production and passion-driven learning for all. I hope everyone I know is always upping their skills in some passion the entire time I know them.

That is the goal. The community uplifts each other. When you teach mountaineering with scouts do you just hook up all the gear or explain how it works?

True my passion just happens to be learning HTML/CSS so I can go about supporting an HTML first world. I recognize that won't be everyone's passion.

That doesn't mean a silo model makes more sense than a syndication model. I think we have enough historical data to show that:
A: encouraging members to interact from their websites is the most resilient approach,
B: most effective way to onboarding people on the web,
C: has the greatest accessibility success,
D: offers the lowest overhead in terms of upping your skills for people around the world.

I also do not think having a blog takes that much technical skill. I can start a, Blogger, Medium, website with little or no technical knowledge.

You make it sound like I want everyone to learn to create a CMS. I am not. Just want people to publish in place they control online preferably from their own domain.

I don't think that is too much to ask. In fact, I consider it to be an educational imperative.

You are proposing another central point of failure, we should learn from the past and see that is not a resilient way forward. What happens when the coop folds or wants to shut down Loomio?

Finally, Open Badges requires specific mindsets about who owns learning and where it occurs, I think this type of agentive learning is best supported when people have their own place online.


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