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Greg McVerry

Unleash the Power of the Web and Save the World for $0.55 a day #oer #GoOpen @creativecommons #oer19

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Fifty-five cents. You can't get a soda or a candy bar for  under $1.00 but if you scraped up a bit of change each day you can save the world.

What Do You get for $0.55 a Day?

$0.55 a day and you can provide the tools  an community needs to thrive. For $200 a group of educators get

  • Two years of shared hosting. 100 GB of storage Unlimited addon domains, subdomains, databases, bandwidth, and e-mail addresses.
  • A social network of personal websites using the open source platform of choice. We recommend Known
  • Wikimedia install for creating a shared knowledge base.
  • A private open chat using Riot
  • Scaffolding into the and communities
  • Opportunity to develop project management and design skills

How Does It Work?

We focus on the people and the pedagogy never on the product. In order for to thrive we want each person in these networks to carve out their own space online. Building textbooks and repositories means nothing without the right mindsets.

Learning out loud and growing through reflection takes practice not product and too many products in the community have gotten too complicated and risk cutting off the Global South from the most accessible, most popular, and most successful tool for onboarding: HTML

We want to watch the networks grow but free of the corporate silos that profit on surveillance capitalism. So we use tools and other stuff built with W3C standards. This means we can create our own social network simply through webmentions.

When one person publishes a post I would write a reply from my website and this shows up as comment on the other person's orginal post.

The eight steps of IndieWeb comments: login with IndieAuth, publish a post with with micropub, see a post in a reader with microsub, send a webmention


So network members are encouraged to go out and learn something and document the journey. They bookmark resources and public reflections.

After we formulate from our experience for other people. These get added as pages. If the community feels the lesson meets our standard they get added to the wiki.

Get Involved

The Global Open Initiative Foundation in Accra, Ghana already launched their network. We have three other networks waiting to launch who need your support. You can sponsor a city for $200 for two years. Cameroon, Medillín, and New Haven ready to roll. They just need you.

If you do not have the pocket change to spare you can do a collection at work. Or get your local PTO, Cub Scouts, or libary to sponsor. You can provide technical assistance.

We are looking for a wiki wrangler to help install extenstions but more importantly work with us to create tutorials that lead to self sustaining communities.

Build the Web. Save the World

Relying on social media colonizes the web, yet the technical barriers and priviledge required for open source has lead to a community that is 97% white, dominantly male, and rooted in the North.

We can not allow this to happen with in the Global South. We do not need another generation thinking facebook and instagram is the web.

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