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Greg McVerry

How to Add Someone to @goifoudation network

2 min read

This tutorial assumes you have knowledge of updating a directory on @ReclaimHosting using SFTP.

  1. Log into Reclaim Hosting using our admin accounts,
  2. Click on Cpanel.
  3. Click on Subdomain
  4. type in the desired subdomain and hit create 
  5. Go back to Cpanel and under security clixk on "Let's Encrypt"
  6. Search for the new subdomain and then click issue
  7. Go back to CPanel and click on "All Applications"
  8. Find the Known app under "Content Management" and click install
  9. Choose the correct location to istall. Make sure to use the https address and remove the directory
  10. Click Install. This will install version 0.9.2 we will now update to the latest version.
  11. Open this link to get the code to install Composer.
  12. Now back in Cpanel go to Terminal under advanced
  13. go to the directory you created as a subdomain for this example I typed "cd" which means change directory to....
  14. Then copy the line of code found on the link you opened
  15. Go to and download the latest package
  16. Then open up your FTP client
  17. Navigate to the new directory and copy everything to the folder.
  18. Sit back and wait until file transfer is done and you are done.

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