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Greg McVerry

How I Made My Lecture On Disciplinary #Literacies #InstructionalDesign

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Recently I posted my lecture on Disciplinary Literacies for . I wanted to take a few seconds and share a post on my instructional design.

Starting Principles

Narrated slideshows make for awful online learning....Ever have to sit through an hour screencast of Powerpoint. How long did you really last? Go live video

Anything longer than 7-8 minutes is a waste......Videos MUST be under ten minutes. Research shows the participation droop off rate in videos is staggering.

Borrow heavily from Richard Mayer....The twelve principles of multimedia instruction work. Use the rules so you know exactly when to break from the advice. Especially redundancy, coherence, and signaling.

My Process

Activate prior knowledge. Even though I know the material activating prior knowledge improves your thinking. I spent some time reading some classic research and then even bookmarked some talks I used as sources. I also read student writing to look for common questions.

Always pre-write. Below you see the graphic organizer I made when researching the talk. You can see my thinking for non-linear teaching like video has become non-linear itself...until I numbered the topics in how I wanted them to be covered.

You see for example my key definitions in the upper left-hand corner, how I get more specific about content literacy and disciplinary literacy in the middle of the page. I then end with my own interpretation in box 5 with a Venn Diagram and my conclusion pulling it all together in box seven

picture of pre-writing on graphic organizer

Filming the Talk

Next I filmed my talk. I used screencastomatic and my macbook. This did mean my resolution is low at 720p but I have so many international teachers who watch my videos maybe the smaller file size is good. I didn't have the lighting right so the video is a little grany.

You always want your camera back lit. I sit facing a window so there was some natural light and I turned on a lamp but the facetime cameras are garbage.

I had to think about the text I would later overlay and pretend to point and and hold things. I didn't write a script but knew the points.

So much of my planning is done walking the dogs or in the shower. These ideas never see paper.

Editing the Talk

I also edited the talk in screencast-o-matic. It is my favorite software. At $15 a year every teacher should grab a copy. Not only can you record video but you get a powerful editing suite that is so useful because it offers few features.

I was able to layer in text and images and edit the videos.

What Do I Need to Improve?

I broke eye contact too much. You can see my glancing down at my graphic organizer. I should have pasted it on my computer. I also got old and my glasses broke. I need to remember I can't see at a distance like I used to.

I need to make sure I clearly define all the key terms and put the definitions and not just the words into textual overlays of videos.

I go back and forth about how contextual my videos should be for the classes being taught. When I connect so much to a specific class then I can't use the video elsewhere. I might think about making class related discussion one segment, so I can edit it out for other contexts.




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