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Greg McVerry

What Makes A Good Lesson Plan?

2 min read

Criteria for A Strong Lesson


  • An assessment that would measure knowledge growth on a measurable objective derived from a national standard

  • A series of scaffolded learning activities that would lead to mastery of the stated objective

  • Differentiation based on content standards and atypical student development

A Self Checklist

  • Is my objective something I can measure?

  • Does my objective include knowledge and skills?

  • Am I asking for higher level knowledge?

  • What verbs am I using? Do they match the level of knowledge I want?

  • Would mastery of the objective move students closer to the grade level expectation on their standard?

  • Will my assessment provide evidence of knowledge growth towards the objective?

  • How do I make students aware of the objective? Do i state it? Write it? Do we discuss?

  • How do students know what success looks like?

  • Do I define all key terms for learner in my activities?

  • Do I model skill use in my activities?

  • Do my activities balance talk more with the teacher? Student?

  • What opportunities did I include for metacognitive reflection?

  • What opportunities did I include for student to student talk?

  • Did I utilize local cultural wealth in the design of my lesson?

  • Did I make sure my resources meet all accessibility guidelines?

  • Did I consider the difference between the standards above and below grade level for students who have met mastery or need additional support?


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