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Greg McVerry

Hey #edu407 Here are some of my screencasts #literacies

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How to Work on Your Literary Element Slide Deck

You can use this as a guide to create your slide deck.

Some Examples (not necessarily a literary element but gives you some ideas beyond recording a power point...which is fine to do)

Sock Puppets on Writing Leads and Hooks

This was just an iOS App. You can make it on an iPhone or iPad. We have some if people want to try.

Compare and Contrast text Structure

Problem and Solutions Text Structure

Cause and Effect Text Structure

Use Explain Everything to Identify Characters and Events

This text structure set was recorded using an app on the iPad.

Blogging Basics

Zombies on Creative Commons

You can use stick figures or cut outs and just prop your cell phone up on books. That is how I made these.

Use Animoto to Describe Characters

Animoto is an easy to use app.

Winning the Academic Writing Game: Play the Game

Winning the Academic Writing Game Two: Don't Be Wishy Washy:

Winning the Academic Writing Game Three: Play With Words

Winning the Academic Writing Game Four: The Idea Pocket




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