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Greg McVerry

Thanks for taking the plunge. I added you to the RSS feed.

Teachers must have their own website. Not only does it make you more competitive, but you also get to model to students how you can take control of your literate identity. Define yourself, don't allow others to control your destiny.

It frightens me that we have handed over so much of the identity work our students do to companies like facebook. We need to model to our students a better way forward. Almost all of the misinformation online spreads through just a few networks. Want to help protect democracy? Control your feeds.

I also believe personal websites allow for expression and agency in ways not always prevalent in class. All this talk of diversity in children's books what about the blogosphere? Tackling digital equity works for most when they can answer, "My url is..." websites, video, and video games with mentors in marginalized communities. It's our only hope.

Then finally you as a teacher educator have a responsibility. In Connecticut by 2020 every child needs Computer Science instruction in grades k12 and all teacher prep programs must include some element. After that point if I was a principal I would never hire a teacher without some specialty skill.


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