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Greg McVerry

Announcing the Keynote Speakers for @IndieWebCamp NYC sponsored by @pace_seidenberg

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Amanda Rush

Amanda Rush works as a WordPress accessibility expert. As a long time contributor to the global movement Amanda helps push the community forward in diversity and inclusivity.

Amanda has added her expertise to the growing community. Her talk will cover the importance of semantic HTML and why IndieWeb building blocks make the most sense for people who use screen readers

The intentional cultivation of niceness and general helpfulness is probably my favorite part of the community. Amanda Rush

Amanda will join us as our featured remote keynote speakers. We want to strive for as close to remote parity as possible for our IndieWeb events. This means booking top notch remote keynotes like Amanda. All of our sessions will live stream and remote participants can run a session in the video conference room.

We also have empasized our diversity and inclusion funds can be used by remote parents needing childcard.

Come join us in person or as a remote attendee.

Amira Dhalla

Amira Dhalla contributes to the good of society as the Associate Director of Privacy for Consumer Report's Digital Lab. Amira, a long time Mozillian has worked on global equity and safety issues for over a decade

Amira started a digital self defense class for women. She has also done web literacy work in Ghana and Kenya. Amira will talk about how owning your data provides the first step towards privacy and safety

By fighting for my equity I am fighting for others like me Amira Dhalla

If you want to check out these speakers please join us in person or remotely for IndieWebCamp NYC. If you want to see even more greate speakers contribute to our funds.

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