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Greg McVerry


Just got my course feedback. My students hated my online classes They really wanted me on Blackboard, I wish they knew how much of their data got sucked up. More importantly I want them to understand why they need to

My student feedback (n <50% of class hated my open pedagogy approach. Feedback was students overwhelmingly wanted back into the LMS.

Yet people still felt it too hard to move around. I embedded an RSS feed, created specific feeds for class updates that fed right onto the homepages and recorded videos all openly availlable on

The cognitive load of learnign course content, learning how to use a blogging platform, navigating RSS feeds, and learning how to learn can be too much for students

Also their lives demand it. My average @scsu student doesn't plan summer and spring break. they pick up extra shifts, at both their jobs, while taking care of family and choosing diaper or rent. Plug in play equals survival

Tech fluency and the ability to be open and private is steeped in privilege

In fact I have been working so hard to model new assessment I rolled out and invented webmention badges with the help of a few folks:

All my students want number grades, frequently and often. I need to make my ungrading policy more clear


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